Injection moulded casings of renewable raw materials - for the sake of the environment!

Plastic products are ubiquitous nowadays; they make our lives safer and more comfortable. They are not subject to corrosion and can be made in almost any shape desired. There have also been several positive developments in terms of sustainability, such as making products more durable and keeping the consumption of material lower. Even though conventional plastics will remain indispensable for a long time, the development of alternative materials, such as bioplastics, is making great strides forward.

Playing an active part in this development and the associated growing ecological awareness among manufacturers and consumers is the aim of Wöhr's product launch. 

Environmental certification EN ISO 14001
Following the DIN EN ISO certifictaion 9001 (quality) and 13485 (medicine), Richard Wöhr GmbH also received environmental certification in accordance with EN ISO 14001 in 2010. Producing in a sustainable and environmentally-friendly manner is a great concern for the company and its employees, with a view to future generations as well. With corresponding measures, with which all employees are involved from the beginning, the owner-managed familiy enterprise more than meets the catalogue of requirements for environmental certification.

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